Rib Cage Tattoo Designs for Women

Rib cage tattoos for women best explains the psychology of pain, which implies that a person’s tolerance to any kind of physical sources of ache is dependent on the strength of the psyche and not on gender. If the mind is dwelling on subconscious fear of feeling pain, it is most likely that tolerating activities like getting a tattoo can be unbearable whether it be a man or a woman. Any tattoo artist knows and should advise the person of how hours will drag with pain especially when the request is to complete a rib cage tattoo masterpiece.

May be it is worth to have some excruciating pain experience if a woman knows that the ink she will get on her rib cage will further enhance her feminine appeal especially if the design compliments the soft curves of her body.

The beauty of being a woman is that in the art of tattooing, she has heaps of choices that can exude charm, sensuality, sexiness, mystery, and other characters. If she will opt to have it as tattoo on rib cage there will be more selections that are more detailed and the size of the tattoo design can be as large as it is in real life.

Feminine Tattoo Attraction.Not all designs can bring out the sexy angst that women are getting inked for. It still depends on factors like colors, lines, and combination of different elements if the tattoo design will come out perfect with the woman wearing it. But there are designs that artist and tattoo experts would associate to feminine characters.

Endless Flower Collection.
Call it a cliché but flowers are definitely for women. A to Z of flowers can make the best pattern for rib cage tattoo for women. Each flower tattoo designs can be personalized to imply a desired symbolism that suits a woman’s personality or hidden passion. Rib cage area can carry a story that flowers can interpret and this can also be created with diverse combinations of other designs like animals or fantasy creatures. Classic flower favorite for rib cage tattoos are cherry blossoms, lotus, lily, rose and hawaiian flowers like orchids and plumeria.

Butterfly Transformation.
Short-lived butterflies are best immortalized when inked. Women are enthralled to the evolution to beauty of this creature which they can relate to their own. Sides of the rib cage are shaped as perfect canvas that widely spreadth wings of butterflies can be etched on. It is only a matter of what size and mixture of colors that the lady bearer will prefer.

Quotations that Speaks. It can be one’s own principle or lines taken from a song. Quotes or phrases have the undeniable strong pull of appeal when worn as a rib cage tattoo design. The way that fonts are etched must be laden on the rib cage skin in a way that curves of a woman are highlighted without compromising the readability and clarity of the meaning.

Feline Sensuality. There is something about cats and its line of feline family such as cheetahs, lions, and leopards that takes on woman’s ravishing sexuality. It could be their claws and their eyes. Wearing them as rib cage tattoo for women will instantly radiates a character that is both hideous and wild.

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