Rib Cage Tattoos

Rib cage tattoos are popular choice among tat enthusiasts who want to be edgy, unique and sexy in how they express themselves through body art. With tattoos already in the mainstream, people are looking for ways to be more creative and nonpareil on how they subject themselves to the artistry of tattooing. That is why, rib tattoos have become in vogue and faddish especially with A list celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Rhianna sporting their own share of this stylish tat theme.

How to Choose Your Rib Cage Tattoo Designs?

When choosing what designs to for your, you have to remember that it is located on a vast body canvas with immeasurable room for artfulness and creativity, the only limit is the imagination. You can be expressive, diverse, dramatic or just plain simple on how you want your tattoo imagery to come out. The important thing to remember is your decision should be based on a tattoo art that you want to wear forever and not regret it. Take time in deciding, the more effort and planning you put into it, the more connection and personal meaning it will have with you in the end. Just remember that whatever design you choose, it represents a part of your personality translated into an art.

Rib Tattoos for Girls
Rib tattoos for girls are a way to show their feminine and sexy side. A pretty tat on a girl’s rib cage can emphasize her curves making her look more stunning and interesting. It is a way for them to show that they are in charge of their body and that they can independently express their personality. Some of the most stylistic tattoo designs that girls go for on their rib area are stars, flowers, butterfly, quotes and fairies.

Rib Tattoos for Guys
Rib tattoos for guys is a chance for them to show off their masculine and tough side. Of course, it can not be denied that it also also a route for them to define their body and physique through body art. If the females go for the girls designs, men on the other hand go for imagery that generally that represent strength, courage and power. Some of the popular designs for rib tattoos for guys are dragon, koi fish, angels, panther, tiger, eagle and tribal art.

Rib cage tattoo has become a venue for serious artistry as characterized by the thinner lines, precise shading and colorful hues of the detailed designs that are commonly executed. With the immense space to work on, the tattoo images usually have complex shading, naturalistic shape and texture and sometimes, with added dimension. Though, it cannot be denied that there are still a lot of people who would opt for a simple style of tattoo imaging on their body and that is a matter of personal choice. The important thing is to go for something that will define who you are and carry a level of significance on your life.

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26 Responses to Rib Cage Tattoos

  • shelby says:

    that tattoos very cute and im gonna get one there

  • Sarah says:

    I am looking for a tattoo to get on my ribcage…has to be inspirational for sure… thought about an illusion tat with lettering underneath my skin… neone know of newhere that has such tattoo pics that i can check out?

  • Jeffrey says:

    I have 2 tattoos and i want more. I have always wanted to get something on my rib cage but i dont know excatly what I want. I want something on the lines like my skin ripped open and something coming out but not for sure. Does anyone know of a website that has photos like that, that i can check out?

  • Matt says:

    i already have a cross with angel wings on my back but i want to get praying hands with rosary beads on my rib cage but not sure about the pain

  • admin says:

    The ribcage is a very bony area and there are less tissues to cushion the skin during tattooing so its a lot painful to get it there compared to your back. But if you really want it, pain should not matter, you’ll get by.

  • Liz says:

    I want to get one on my rib cage because they are beautiful there. The pain is worth it.

  • bailey says:

    soo i really want a tatto on my rib cage i cant decide if i want my name or a quote i just know i really want one..help?

  • Sayde says:

    Hey, okay so i’m 15 years old and getting a rib cage tattoo. I’m getting it done in 2 weeks, how much pain is it going to be? and what should i expect? Thanks!

  • Mariah says:

    I love mine; its was pretty sensitive but nothing most cant handle.

  • Meghan says:

    I just got my first tattoo on my rib cage, right below my bra line. Yes, it was painful! I am relieved that the tattoo consisted on only two lines of text. It took about 35 minutes, and I was in tears much of the time and had to be reminded to breathe. But it was an extrodinary experience overall

  • Kyle says:

    I have a ribcage tattoo and want one on the other side of my body. mine is the phrase give it all with nautical stars on each side. it runs from just under my armpit to my hip. As far as the pain goes the ribs them self didnt hurt that bad it was the more spongy skin just above the hip that hurt the worst to me. I have an extremely high pain tolerance so the pain was really nothing to me. I think it all depends on how much pain you can take.

  • itattooz says:

    Nice…..can you post some more pics of rib cage tattoos

  • miranda says:

    im 15 and im wanting a tat on my rib cage im a s/p girl and i want this quote on my rib cage ‘dont tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footpirnts on the moon’ i love this qoute so much and i can take the pain i cant waitttt

  • jedd says:

    I have my whole right rib cage done with lots of shading, from arm pit to hip. I love it . the pain wasn’t bad, i can’t wait to do the other side.

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  • misty says:

    i am 23 i want a rib tat but am afraid of the pain i have one on my lower back….. how does the pain compare? anyone know???? also i am a mother of two and im not quite sure how a rib tat would look on my “motherly body” lol

  • em says:

    im getting my second tattoo tomorrow which will be a ribcage tattoo. actually really excited to get it, its only going from my hip to halfway up my ribs, as this allows for an add on in the future if i decide it. hopefully it wont hurt too much as the only thing that hurt during my first tattoo, was the aching from staying still for so long. hopefully it wont be to bad though as its quite a walk home :P

  • Danny says:

    What kind of pain do you feel when you get tattoo? I think it really hurts.

  • Michael says:

    I have both of my sides tatted. On my left side is a koi that goes from the underside of my armpit to the several inches below the belt line. It took 9 hours in 2 sessions, 4 hours for the outline and grey shading, 5 hours for the coloring. I’d say the pain was as bad as when i shattered my foot. It was definitely intense, it wavers between a 8-9/10 on the scale of pain but i also endured it for many hours. It didn’t really get unbearable until the last hour or so. On my right side i have my last name coming down. its a little smaller and only took 5 hours all black. I remember being extremely fatigued mentally and physically after enduring the pain for 5 hours straight. Got my shoulder done and it was a piece of cake. The side was at least 3-4 times worse for me.

  • issy says:

    I have a rib cage tattoo of a shakespeare love quote. It was my first tattoo and I love it too bits! To anyone worrying about the pain, dont worry too much!! Although people say its very painful, its not as bad as you think. The parts on the bone hurt a bit but other than that it felt just like a little buzzing :) And I am a wimp big time, I felt worse after my tragus piercing :) good luck, go for it and it will look hot!

  • Ashley says:

    I just got my first tattoo on my ribs it’s a tree of life covering my right side. The tattoo is a little wide than a DVD case and took three hours. The first two hours were okay. It hurt at certain points there were points that did bring tears to my eyes but the last hour of shading hurt even worse which is my usually the case with shading I’ve heard. I’m happy with the overall result and can’t wait for it to heal.(:

  • anna says:

    im 27 today i got 13 tat and one of them are on my ribs its a hour glass with 2 roses saying true love will stand the test of time but now i want to get my right side ribcage done but i dont know of what does any1 have any ideas to what i could get done

  • lol space cakes <3

  • ernesto says:

    i just got my last name 9 letters and shading around i gotta agree the worse part is the shading bur it was worth it

  • admin says:

    Yeah the shading part really hurts but as what you said, it’s worth it in the end.

  • Katelynn says:

    I’m katelynn I’m 17 I got my first rib cage tattoo at 16 it wasn’t bad at all I love it and in two days I’m going back to get another one

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